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선물 포장

상징동물 /symbolic animal

핑크색과 하얀색의 조합을 선택한 분들은 누구보다
리액션이 좋고 상대방을 편안하게 해줄수 있는 어린이들입니다. 부모님과 선생님의 예쁨을 안받을 수가 없죠. 다만 이들은 좀 겁이 많습니다. 쉽게 잘 울기도 하구요. 이들에게 꼭 필요한 교육은 역할극입니다. 역할극을 통해서 상대방을 이해하는 능력을 키울 수 있거든요. 아울러 이들은 동물이나 어린이 혹은 사회적 약자들을 보살피고 치유할 수 있으며 이들을 품어 따뜻하게 만들 수 있을때 행복을 느끼며 살아갈 수 있습니다. 이들의 가장 핵심은 공감능력입니다. 공감하는 사람들이 결국엔 가장 인기가 많습니다.또한 이러한 능력이 발휘되는 상황을 의미합니다.

"행복한 상상은 현실을 만듭니다."

Those who choose the combination of pink and white are children who have warm interactions with others and tend to make their friends and family feel comfortable and loved. They enjoy the company of parents and teachers and listen well to their instructions. Their essential learning tool is in role-playing games. Through these games, they can develop an ability to understand other people’s reactions and emotions. In addition, these children are excellent at healing animals, taking care of children or the socially disadvantaged. They are happiest when they are embracing others and making warm relationship all around them. Their most important skill is in empathy and developing warm and lasting relationships.

They have a talent for putting others at ease and helping those in need. They thrive best in loving relationships and they have the ability to understand and empathize with a wide range of people. They are the queens and kings of comfort. Success Tip - Warmth, Empathy, Comfort, Healing.

Alternatively, it may refer to a situation in which this ability is exercised.


“Happy imagination creates reality.”

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