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선물 포장

상징 이미지 /symbolic image

빨간색과 골드색의 조합을 선택한 어린이들은 특정한 분야의 마스터가 될 수 있는 힘을 가지고 있습니다. 이들은 되풀이 되는 연습속에서 지혜를 발견하는 능력이 있습니다. 이들은 기술연마를 끊임없이 하는 편인데 무술의 달인, 악기의 달인, 스시의 달인, 레고의 달인 등등 아이들의 재능을 빨리 발견하시고 밀어주세요. 또한 이러한 능력이 발휘되는 상황을 의미합니다.

"행복한 상상은 현실을 만듭니다."

Children who choose the combination of red and gold have the power to become masters in a particular field. They have the ability to discover hidden knowledge through repetition and practice. They tend to constantly hone their skills so the talents of these children should be nourished through exposure to things like martial arts, musical instruments, cooking, and other skill orients endeavors. If there is a musical instrument that one of these children is interested in, do not hesitate to buy it. Through their dedication to practice they very well could become a master of the craft.
Their strongest abilities are in a pioneering spirit and a technological prowess. they can become a master in their field as they pursue perfection of their skills through a dedication to practice. Success TIP - Technological honing to become a master

Alternatively, it may refer to a situation in which this ability is exercised.


“Happy imagination creates reality.”

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