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선물 포장

상징동물 /symbolic animal

노란색과 파란색의 조합을 선택한 사람들은 똑똑한 이들입니다.
이들은 학습능력 또한 뛰어난 편이고 지적 호기심이 많기에 계속하여 귀를 열고 새로운 정보들을 흡수합니다.

이들은 사리판단이 분명하고 무엇을 해야 하고 하지 말아야 하며
가치판단에 및 여러상황을 저울질 해야하는 상황에 대한 분명한 판단력이 있습니다. 명쾌하게 판단하는 능력이 상승하는 시기를 의미하기도 합니다.

"행복한 상상은 현실을 만듭니다."

Those who choose the combination of yellow and blue are the smart ones. They are very good at learning and have a lot of intellectual curiosity, so they keep their ears open and absorb new information well. They have clear self-judgment and know what to do and what not to do. There is a clear sense of right and wrong in value judgments and in situations that require weighing multiple outcomes.
They possess fairness and clarity, so they can deduce what is right and what is wrong, and can make good risk evaluations of people and products. In addition, they are good at judging the hierarchy of rules and power in schools or society. In addition, they have a humorous side, so they can have a role in bringing joy to other people’s lives. They are the kings and queens of scales. Success Tip - Balance between warmth and coolness, fairness and kindness

Alternatively, it may refer to a situation in which this ability is exercised.


“Happy imagination creates reality.”

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