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선물 포장

상징동물 /symbolic animal

노란색과 보라색과의 조합을 선택한 분들은 성공지향적이고 완벽주의자들입니다.
이들은 꽤 학업적인 부분에서 성취가 높은 편이며 끊임없이 배우고 익히는 것을 좋아합니다.
자신의 단점을 극복해 나가려는 의지가 강하며 끊임없이 자기 개발을 통해 정상을 향해서 나아갑니다. 또한 이들은 완벽주의자의 성향으로 인해 열심히 노력하며 성장의 아픔을 견딜 각오도 될어있습니다.또한 이러한 능력이 발휘되는 상황을 의미하기도 합니다.

"행복한 상상은 현실을 만듭니다."

Those who choose the combination of yellow and purple are success-oriented and perfectionists. They are quite academically successful and love to constantly learn and master new skills. They have a strong will to overcome their own shortcomings, and constantly strive towards the top through self-development. Also, due to their perfectionist tendencies, they work hard and are prepared to endure the pain of growth.
They spare no expense in learning new things and usually pursue a high level of social status. They like to maintain a high standard of living and aim for a shiny, luxurious lifestyle. like the Big Dipper in the sky, they are the kings and queens of success.

Alternatively, it may refer to a situation in which this ability is exercised.


“Happy imagination creates reality.”

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