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선물 포장

상징 이미지 /symbolic image

핑크색과 연한 파랑을 선택한 사람들은 소통의 능력을 갖춘 사람들입니다. 남녀노소를 가리지 않고 잘 어울릴수 있으며 상대의 분위기를 자극하지 않고 잘 맞춰주는 능력도 있습니다. 커뮤니케이션 능력이 출중하며 사람들과의 교류를 좋아합니다. 또한 이러한 능력이 발휘되는 상황을 의미하기도 합니다.

"행복한 상상은 현실을 만듭니다."

Children who choose a combination of blue and pink in light pastel tones are people who can communicate comfortably with others regardless of their gender or age. They can have conversations with other children, adults and teachers alike, like they are very old friends. They are fun to talk with because they listen well and their reactions are always enthusiastic. They usually have a wide range of friends regardless of age and gender.
Their greatest strength is their communication abilities. They have a wide variety of conversation partners and they can get along with anyone, male or female, foreign, old or young. These people are very friendly and can talk with new acquaintances like they are very old and comfortable friends. They are confident and accepting people who can talk without hesitation to adults and teachers. They are quick to adapt to changing environments and like to engage in conversations with new people. They love to travel and enjoy making new friends during their travels. They are the queens & kings of communication. Success Tips - Empathy and Communication.

Alternatively, it may refer to a situation in which this ability is exercised.


“Happy imagination creates reality.”

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