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선물 포장

Children who choose the combination of white and hot pink are those who value personal relationships (family and friends) highly. They form a community, commit themselves, communicate well, give and receive love, and unite everyone for a common goal. They are most happy when they share success with others. They like to keep animals and nature close, and have a love of music.
Their strength is that they share their experiences and ideas with the ones that they are closest to. They are ones who want to protect the smallest, weakest, and most innocent people. When they perform the role of the protector they will experience a sense of great accomplishment and will enjoy tremendous happiness. Success Tip - Sharing Joy

하얀색과 핫핑크의 조합을 선택한 아이들은 자기 자신이 속한 패밀리(친구들)를 소중히 여기는 이들입니다.
이들은 공동체를 형성하고 헌신하고 친구들과 소통하며 사랑을 주고 받으며 공동의 목표를 위해 뭉치기도 합니다.이들은 혼자의 성공이아닌 여러 사람들과 함께 트로피를 들어 올릴때 더 큰 행복을 느낍니다. 동물과 자연을 가까이 하고 음악을 가까이 하도록 하세요. 또한 이러한 능력이 발휘되는 상황을 의미하기도 합니다.

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